Thursday, 4 July 2013

Moray Coast

All along the Moray coast I was met by overwhelming generosity. After meeting some friends in Burghead at the weekend I left a few days later with a rather sore Head. Took me two days to get my feet back on the ground. far too much whiskey and cheer. thanks guys for a geat weekend. I then landed in Porsoy and the wind picked up and I was stuck for two days there. A big thanks to the staff and customers of The Ship Inn of Portsoy. They looked after me and fed me. cheers. 

The weather calmed down enough for me to get back on the water and I made it to Banff where I made a rather gaceless surf landing on the beach. Stong north easterly winds made in very difficult to launch again and after capsizing twice I ended up staying at the Banff links caravan park. The warden there Veronica gave me a caravan to stay in till the weather settled. I was ready to give in and pack up everything and call it a day. But thanks to the kindness everyone along the Moray coast showed me I couldnt let them down. Thanks guys for everything. 

Gardenstown at the foot of the steep coast. Beautiful. I eat at the Garden inn pub. Well worth a visit as the food was excilent.

The coast along this stretch is beautiful.

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