Monday, 24 September 2012

Dorus Mor

When I left Carsaig Bay the tide and current were pushing me north towards the Dorus Mor at an alarming rate. I could not take any pictures as the water was changing direction as I paddled nearer. You could see the current moving across in front of you. It was the same as breaking in and out of an eddy line but in the middle of the bay!!!!! there was a current moving from left to right then metres later it was moving in the opposite direction from right to left. which had me very nervous all the way through the Dorus Mor. Large areas of water were pushing upwards giving the impression of flat calm from a distance but as you got closer you could see it was moving in all directions!!!!!! I was hyperventilating as I PLF my way through.

once I was through the Dorus Mor I came across this stack of rocks. It looked man made. At first I thought it was the remains of a chimney stack. 

Not a chimney stack but a natural rock formation. Beautiful.

I love paddling in the rain. It looks as if the water is boiling.

The Bridge over the Atlantic at Clachan.

Clachan Sound north of the bridge.

Found these guys when I made camp. Some so called friends (I will call them friends) thought it would be funny to always reffer to me as Tom Hanks and his companion Wilson from the film Castaway. So I brought along a marker pen and sent them this picture. Made me smile. Sad I know but still funny.

Sunset over Mull.

beautiful view of Mull.

Paps of Jura

As soon as I left West Loch Tarbert the sight of Jura ahead of me was breath taking. I made good time as the tide and current were going my way and I shot up the coast. I stopped at Carsaig Bay. There is a caravan site here owend by a local farmer Mr Duncan Shaw who kindly let me camp without charge. Duncan also replaced my water supply and gave me a donation to the charity. Thanks Duncan.

After a long and hot paddle there is no better way to cool down!!!!!! Cheers...... I took a short walk over to the next village Tayvallich for some light refreshments.

West Loch Tarbert

Paddling into East Loch Tarbert. I now had to pull the kayak out the water and onto my trolly and pull her over land into West Loch Tarbert

One of many wrecks along the way. Something very sad seeing these boats rotten away.

West Loch Tarbert is a beautiful loch.

The Islay ferry.

Next morning I woke up to a very nosy visitor. He would not leave me alone. He was trying to eat my spray deck when I took this picture. I ended up running round the camp after him at 5:30am in my boxers shouting and waving trying to be as scary as possible!!!! Dont think it worked.

Local wildlife

love these black and white pictures of these Barnacle's

Beautiful rock formations

Ayr to Arran

Beautiful calm water as I head north to Ayr.
I had to sort some things out with the bank so took a day off in Ayr and a good friend put me up for 2 nights as the weather broke down again. Cheers Phil for looking after me.

When the weather picked up I set off up the coast. The plan was to head up to little Cumbrae then over to Arran. When I reached the Lady Isle just off Troon I decided to paddle straight over to Arran from there. The weather was great and the wind was behind me so I turned my bow in the direction of Arran.

Looking north to Brodick from Hamilton rock

After 10 hours paddling I landed at Sannox Bay. Exausted I went to the pub for dinner. I asked if they were still serving food only to be told the ovens had just been switched off!!!! Arggggghhh......... but they were happy to turn them on again when I explained I had paddled over from Ayr and in need of a good feed. The owner brought me my food and asked why I was paddling round Scotland for charity. After I explained she asked if I was still looking for donations and told me my food and drink were on the house!!!! as long as I didnt kick the Arse out of the whiskies. I thanked her very much and finished my meal and could only manage two pints. Exausted I crawled back to my tent.

Looking south from Hamilton rock to Holy Island

Cetus MV

My trusty stead. The Cetus MV.
 This was loaned to me from P & H Kayaks

Sunsets never fail to amaze me.


Another rough day paddling found me at Ballantrae. I camped on the beach.

Ballantrae Bay. Weather turned very windy so I took some time and went through my kit. My brother came down and picked up a load of kit that I did not need. I had packed far to much food and books that I had thought I would get time to read!!!!

If you visit Ballantrae you must go into the Kings Arms Hotel I had to try out their food and Ale. Thanks guys for looking after me. Great food and fantastic company. Cheers.

Loch Ryan

If you find yourself any where near Loch Ryan make sure you check the times of the ferry!!!!!!
I didnt and had a great game of PLF out the way of these guys.
They are very fast even though they have slowed down to come into dock.


The sunset just north of Portpatrick.
I was camped in a little bay called Port Kale at the foot of Dunskey Glen. A beautiful camp spot with great views.

I left my wetsuit out overnight to dry off. only to find it covered in ice next morning!!!!!

Paddling from Port Kale north I reached Dounan Bay. The sea state was a little choppy so called it a day and set up camp only to be rewarded with a beautiful sunset.

Sunset over Craig Laggan

Sunday, 8 July 2012

Mull of Galloway

This was the lighthouse on the Mull of Galloway the night before I set off on my trip round Scotland. Beautiful.

Saturday, 7 July 2012

Port Logan

The first day of the trip round Scotland found me in Port Logan.

The sunsets were beautiful. Storm clouds passing by producing beautiful images like this.

The Port Logan lighthouse built in 1815

I pushed myself on through rough sea with the thought of a nice cold pint and a hot meal. Only to find the pub was closed for refurbishment!!!! 

I must say a big thank you to the guys and girls of the Rutland Canoe Club who looked after me in Port Logan. Met them on the beach and they invited me for dinner and a wee drink. Thanks guys for your kindness.

Storm clouds over Port Logan

The guys and girls of the Rutland Canoe Club setting off for a wee paddle.

solo kayak round Scotland

Big thanks to Suzie from Bijou Flowers in Ardrossan who sponsored me.

Looking down at the cliffs and currents of the Mull of Galloway

This is the tidal race at full force. The water here is very dangerous. 
The sea was boiling. very scary!!!!!

Thanks for the warning!!!!!!!!

 Beautiful cliffs

The tide race was very scary and not for the faint hearted. 
I was terrified when I set off and was heading towards the point of no return into the race.

The fog horn at the foot of the light house

The lighthouse at the Mull of Galloway

I made it round the the Mull!!!!!!

Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Solo kayak round Scotland

Thats me finished my trip. Thank you to everyone that supported me throughout. Now sitting in a hot bath arghhhhhhh bliss .........nn

Saturday, 26 May 2012


Thats me made it to Crail. I am now on my last map. 60k to go to Eyemouth. Wow so close I am close to tears just thinking about it. This has been one amazing journey physical but mostly emotional. Thank you to everyone that has supported me and helped me alone the way. I have met some amazing people one this trip. You are great people thank you xxx

Friday, 25 May 2012


The weather was fantastic today. Left Stonehaven at 11:30 and arrived in Arbroath at 19:00 a very happy man. I was followed by a pod of dolphins just south of Lunan bay. Amazing seeing them cresting feet away from me. My heart was in my mouth. Lol

Wednesday, 23 May 2012


Paddled 37k today and an camping on the beach just north of Aberdeen.

Monday, 21 May 2012


Had a great day today. Passed Troup Head and it was amazing. Puffins gannets gillimots and razor bills wow so many birds. The whole day I had the biggest smile on my face :-)