Sunday, 7 July 2013


This is on the west side of Great Cumbrae looking west to Bute.

Such peacfull beauty. What a perfect place to stop and eat your lunch.

Under the pier east of Millport.

There was a porpoise quietly following this boat as he sailed through the Tan. There was very little wind so I overtook this boat on a very calm sea.

I really do not have the words to express the true beauty of this picture...... Everything melts to nothing when faced with such wonder. Makes all the trials and tribulations of life worthwhile to sit on a beach and breathe.

Saturday, 6 July 2013


The view west from Bute to the mighty hills of Arran.

Looking north to Kintyre while heading up the west side of Bute.

This made me chuckle. He is determined to stay on his rock. He didnt move one bit as I passed.

I love the colours between the Thrift and Lichen.

I was standing on a rock drinking my coffee when this guy walked past my feet!!!!! I was gobsmacked that he was so close and he stopped and looked at me, then casually went on his way.

Sunset over Kintyre

My wee tent.

Friday, 5 July 2013


In April I took a wee trip round the Island of Gigha. The sand round here is beautiful. White sands and crystal clear water.

Channel marker in the sound of Gigha

The Boathouse pub which to my dismay was shut!!!!!

I tried to sneak up on this otter enjoying his catch but this was as close as I got when he seen me and bolted for cover.

The sea was perfect and the sun had a halo.


Nice calm water on the west side of Gigha

One of the ship wrecks just off the west side of Cara

Cara Island is the home to these wild goats.

heading back to the starting point I couldnt help but to stop and look back at Cara.

This was a great trip round Gigha and Cara. A perfect day.


Finally after 7 weeks of paddling I finished in Eymouth. It had been one hell of an amazing journey full of fantastic people and beautiful coastline. A huge thank you to everyone that sponsored me.

Aberdeen to Crail

The journey south from Aberdeen was nerve wrecking paddling through the sea harr. paddling in the fog was amazing and scary at the same time. I kept expecting a pirate ghost ship to apear out of the fog.

Very strange paddling conditions all the way to Crail. Beautiful. I camped at Stonhaven and stayed in a B&B in Arbroath which was fantastic just to get a shower!!!! hot water bliss.....

When I got to Crail I camped only to wake up to more Sea Harr. I sat and waited and waited and waited till I couldnt wait any more. The sea was flat calm and the tide was in my favour so I decided to risk it and cross the Forth from Crail to North Berwick. I was very very nervous and paddled on a compass bearing through the fog. I know it was probably not the best decision that I have ever made as the Forth is a very busy shipping lane. With my ears on super sensitive diesel engine finder mode I paddled across. After a few hours the Bass Rock appeared out of the fog and I wasmet with a clear blue sky. I never met any ships until I came out the fog and while I was busy being distracted taking pictures of the Bass Rock a huge container ship passed behind me. Close enough that if I had been 5 minutes slower it would have been lights out Alan!!!!

The Bass Rock has a Gannet colony of around 150,000 birds. As I neared the Island the sky was full of noisy Gannets. I had my hat on waiting for the inevitable direct hit from above!!!!! thankfully none came. I really didnt want to smell of rotten fish for the rest of the trip......

The light house on the Bass Rock

Aberdeen Coast

Camped on the sand just north of Aberdeen. The beach here is beautiful.

Sandy beach that goes for miles north of Aberdeen.

Another great wee camp spot.

It was a beautiful sunny evening as I sat and counted fourteen support ships all anchored waiting to come into the harbour. The radio was busy with ship to shore chatter. The taffic going into and out of the habour was constant.

The Next Morning I awoke to the dreaded east coast "Sea Harr" which is a fog bank that lasts most of the day!!!! I was very nervous paddling through the fog. Very spooky indeed. When I got to the harbour entance I waited till a huge support ship left and I shot across as fast as I could in the fog. The water at the mouth of the harbour was moving fast and a pod of Dolphins were playing in the current. They came up to me and swam beside me breifly which blew me away. Wow at one point I coundnt put my paddle in the water as there was one at each side of me and I would have hit one on the head!!!!

Thursday, 4 July 2013

Moray Coast

All along the Moray coast I was met by overwhelming generosity. After meeting some friends in Burghead at the weekend I left a few days later with a rather sore Head. Took me two days to get my feet back on the ground. far too much whiskey and cheer. thanks guys for a geat weekend. I then landed in Porsoy and the wind picked up and I was stuck for two days there. A big thanks to the staff and customers of The Ship Inn of Portsoy. They looked after me and fed me. cheers. 

The weather calmed down enough for me to get back on the water and I made it to Banff where I made a rather gaceless surf landing on the beach. Stong north easterly winds made in very difficult to launch again and after capsizing twice I ended up staying at the Banff links caravan park. The warden there Veronica gave me a caravan to stay in till the weather settled. I was ready to give in and pack up everything and call it a day. But thanks to the kindness everyone along the Moray coast showed me I couldnt let them down. Thanks guys for everything. 

Gardenstown at the foot of the steep coast. Beautiful. I eat at the Garden inn pub. Well worth a visit as the food was excilent.

The coast along this stretch is beautiful.