Wednesday, 1 December 2010

Winter Sun

It was a cold start to the day. we had a heavy snow shower the night before.

It was a beautiful cold start to the day.

Very little wind, clear skys we were set for a perfect day.

Tony and Douglas with Arran in the background.

Douglas enjoying the sun.

Looking down the west side of Great Cumbrae to Little Cumbrae. You can just make out the light house on little Cumbrae

We stopped for a bite to eat at the light house. We were rewarded with some fantastic views over to Arran and of the Clyde

This is a beautiful lighthouse that has been left to decay. It is very upsetting to see something this magestic left to fall apart like this. 

The light was excellent

Tony crossing the Tan to Little Cumbrae


Sun setting over Little Cumbrae. We had a fantastic day on the water and to finish off with a sunset like this was an added bonus.

Thursday, 4 November 2010

Dumbarton Castle to Clydebank

Sunday started of with a heavy fog.

The water was still.

I went over to the channel marker at the entrance to the river Leven. This is not far from the shore but being in heavy fog it was very spooky.

Heading up the clyde I came to the Bowling Basin. The sun was trying its best to shine through the fog.

Something started to rise out of the fog.

The Erskine bridge started to appear out of the mist.

Rising above me it took my breath away.

Being in the fog all morning it was fantastic to start seeing colours coming through.

Looking back the way I came as the mist began to rise.

The light was fantastic.

The Titan crane at Clydebank.

The clyde is an amazing place.

As I rounded the corner at the new Clydebank college a massive red wall was baring down on me. Back paddling as fast as i could I got well out the way.

I think he has right of way.

Heading back home after a fantastic day it just got better and the sun started to set.

The sky turned crimson.

Tuesday, 26 October 2010

Rhu to Loch Long

Last Monday I had a few hours to spare so what can you do?

I rushed down to Rhu. It was a beautiful afternoon

Not a cloud in the sky.

Just a slight breeze coming down Loch Long

Time for a bite to eat

Some locals coming over to say hello.

Heading back to Rhu the tide had started to turn.

Sun setting behind me.

Sun setting as I paddle back into Gare loch

Sitting on the shore enjoying the sunset.

Moments like this is why I love kayaking

Perfect end to a perfect day.

Wednesday, 6 October 2010

sea quest

My Kayak has been out the water for a while now as i repair some small holes. I removed the seat to find that my butt had been slowly rubbing away the hull. After a crash course in fiberglass and gellcoat repair I am now ready to test my repair's and get back on the water this weekend.
This picture was taken by Phil on a trip out to Ailsa Craig early this year.

Thursday, 5 August 2010

Breakfast with a view

When we camped at the south end of Inchmarnoch this was the view from my tent of Arran. Beautiful.


Last weekend my son Blair and I paddled from Fairlie just south of Largs to the west side of Bute.

Blair at the channel marker

This is on the Friday afternoon. we were blessed with a beautiful day.

Blair with Arran in the background

We paddled up the west side of Bute to the island of Inchmarnock

We landed on the south end of Inchmarnockhttp

  • Perfect camp

  • The Beach was made up of flat pebbles

  • Sunset from our camp

    Beautiful sunset

    On Saturday we headed back south along the coast of Bute. The weather had changed and was giving us some swell to play with. Blair was having a great time, he did not stop grining the whole trip.

    The wind had picked up to a force 4

    Our camp Saturday night was at Port Dornach at the south west end of Bute.

    When we were making our way back to Millport one of the many tankers passed us. We had to quicken our pace to get well out his way.

    Some seals on one of the islands in Millport bay

    We went over to have a closer look at these amazing cranes.

  • Blair under one of the cranes.