Monday, 9 November 2009

sunday in dunure

I sat watching sadly from the shore.

Beautiful day.

Douglas and Phil.

With a longing heart i watched the guys disappear around the coast.

Sunday, 1 November 2009

Little Cumbrae

On the way i had a visit from one of the many seals. This chap was very inquisative coming very close and not showing any fear at all.  As you can see i have a new toy fitted to the deck its a waterproof video cam!!!! i have just started to use this so look out for some clips soon. i will have to turn off the mic as it picks up every sound even the bad jokes we tell as we paddle lol

A few months back i spent a weekend stuck on Little Cumbrae and this is Long Bay where I camped. It has a nice pebble beach to land on.

Looking north west from Long bay. Millport to the right.

Rounding the north of the island I was looking back towards the castle.

Time for lunch.

This is a very beautiful castle standing strong with a watchfull eye on the Clyde.

Little Cumbrae

I always enjoy a trip round Little Cumbrae. It is only a few miles out on the Clyde but gives you a very nice day out. The swell had picked up and was giving me a bit of a challange.


Last saturday I went for a wee paddle round Little Cumbrae. Starting from Portencross harbour.