Friday, 5 July 2013

Aberdeen Coast

Camped on the sand just north of Aberdeen. The beach here is beautiful.

Sandy beach that goes for miles north of Aberdeen.

Another great wee camp spot.

It was a beautiful sunny evening as I sat and counted fourteen support ships all anchored waiting to come into the harbour. The radio was busy with ship to shore chatter. The taffic going into and out of the habour was constant.

The Next Morning I awoke to the dreaded east coast "Sea Harr" which is a fog bank that lasts most of the day!!!! I was very nervous paddling through the fog. Very spooky indeed. When I got to the harbour entance I waited till a huge support ship left and I shot across as fast as I could in the fog. The water at the mouth of the harbour was moving fast and a pod of Dolphins were playing in the current. They came up to me and swam beside me breifly which blew me away. Wow at one point I coundnt put my paddle in the water as there was one at each side of me and I would have hit one on the head!!!!

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