Friday, 15 March 2013


Leaving Inverness I Passed under the Kessock Bridge. The water here was very choppy. Found a bit of a race running here so no pictures taken. I was looking out for the Dolphins here but never seen any. The water was very choppy making sighting anything in the water next to impossible.

Fort George. This was impressive as I passed, making a mental note to come back as a visitor and go in an have a look around. There is a large sandbank between Fort George and Whiteness Head. On this sandbank there was a large group of seals, I would guess aound 200 seals which all crashed into the sea and came to say hello. Very scary. They are pretty big when up close. I knew I was an intruder in thier water so quickly got out of there way.

After passing the danger area around Fort George I landed at Whiteness Head with an increasing head wind I was glad to get off the water.

The wind was very strong and it was bitterly cold so I made a little wind break for my camp fire that night. The beach was littered with all kinds of floatsam. So much Plastic is washed up on our shore. 

Caledonian Canal

Friendly Native.

Wild Camping is not that easy along the North shore. Found this area that had been cleared of large stones making a level platform to pitch a small tent

A rare sighting of Nessie.I know cheesy but made me smile often during long periods of paddling.

Urquart Castle. Watch out for the many tour boats!!!! The water got very choppy when I passed Urquart Bay so this was the only picture I got of the Castle.

The end of the Caledonian Canal.

Caledonian Canal

Traveling along the Caledonian Canal you are treated to spectacular views of Ben Nevis at the start.

The Canal is very straight forward to paddle. Before you start make sure you register with the Lock Keeper at Corpach. There you can pick up a key for £5 which will give you access to the shower and toilet blocks, which you will pass on your travels.

The beard starting to take shape.

You will be treated to some beautiful engineering along the whole canal. This is one of the many bridges the cross the canal.

One of the many weirs.

On Loch Lochy looking back at Ben Nevis. Stunning.

Magnificent view. One of the Planets came out over Ben Nevis

Between Loch Lochy and Loch Oich. Very Canadian feel to it here.

Lichen on a branch reaching down to the waters edge.

Loch Linnhe

Approaching the Corran Narrows.

The Corran ferry. The water here is very turbulent. Plan to enter Loch Linnhe on the flood tide as the current here will be very strong making passage next to impossible.

Looking South West back the way I had paddled.

Loch Leven

Looking east into Loch Leven.

Sunset over Mull

Sitting at my camp fire having a wee dram and taking in the beautiful sunset.