Friday, 5 July 2013

Aberdeen to Crail

The journey south from Aberdeen was nerve wrecking paddling through the sea harr. paddling in the fog was amazing and scary at the same time. I kept expecting a pirate ghost ship to apear out of the fog.

Very strange paddling conditions all the way to Crail. Beautiful. I camped at Stonhaven and stayed in a B&B in Arbroath which was fantastic just to get a shower!!!! hot water bliss.....

When I got to Crail I camped only to wake up to more Sea Harr. I sat and waited and waited and waited till I couldnt wait any more. The sea was flat calm and the tide was in my favour so I decided to risk it and cross the Forth from Crail to North Berwick. I was very very nervous and paddled on a compass bearing through the fog. I know it was probably not the best decision that I have ever made as the Forth is a very busy shipping lane. With my ears on super sensitive diesel engine finder mode I paddled across. After a few hours the Bass Rock appeared out of the fog and I wasmet with a clear blue sky. I never met any ships until I came out the fog and while I was busy being distracted taking pictures of the Bass Rock a huge container ship passed behind me. Close enough that if I had been 5 minutes slower it would have been lights out Alan!!!!

The Bass Rock has a Gannet colony of around 150,000 birds. As I neared the Island the sky was full of noisy Gannets. I had my hat on waiting for the inevitable direct hit from above!!!!! thankfully none came. I really didnt want to smell of rotten fish for the rest of the trip......

The light house on the Bass Rock

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