Wednesday, 1 December 2010

Winter Sun

It was a cold start to the day. we had a heavy snow shower the night before.

It was a beautiful cold start to the day.

Very little wind, clear skys we were set for a perfect day.

Tony and Douglas with Arran in the background.

Douglas enjoying the sun.

Looking down the west side of Great Cumbrae to Little Cumbrae. You can just make out the light house on little Cumbrae

We stopped for a bite to eat at the light house. We were rewarded with some fantastic views over to Arran and of the Clyde

This is a beautiful lighthouse that has been left to decay. It is very upsetting to see something this magestic left to fall apart like this. 

The light was excellent

Tony crossing the Tan to Little Cumbrae


Sun setting over Little Cumbrae. We had a fantastic day on the water and to finish off with a sunset like this was an added bonus.

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