Thursday, 4 November 2010

Dumbarton Castle to Clydebank

Sunday started of with a heavy fog.

The water was still.

I went over to the channel marker at the entrance to the river Leven. This is not far from the shore but being in heavy fog it was very spooky.

Heading up the clyde I came to the Bowling Basin. The sun was trying its best to shine through the fog.

Something started to rise out of the fog.

The Erskine bridge started to appear out of the mist.

Rising above me it took my breath away.

Being in the fog all morning it was fantastic to start seeing colours coming through.

Looking back the way I came as the mist began to rise.

The light was fantastic.

The Titan crane at Clydebank.

The clyde is an amazing place.

As I rounded the corner at the new Clydebank college a massive red wall was baring down on me. Back paddling as fast as i could I got well out the way.

I think he has right of way.

Heading back home after a fantastic day it just got better and the sun started to set.

The sky turned crimson.


  1. Alan, the closeup of the Titan crane is stunning. Which side of the castle did you launch from? The Bowling club or the Leven side?


  2. Hi Douglas I launched from the levengrove park side. there are a set of steps down to the river.

  3. Brilliant Al....seeing those photies brought back some canny memories of Clydeside..!!