Friday, 18 February 2011

sponsorship request

Kayaking around Scotland 2012

Alan Wilson

Mobile : 07928632173

I am requesting your support of my trip around Scotland starting in March 2012 which will last around 3 months. This is in aid of charity to raise funds for 3 good causes

The Erbs Palsy Group

The Brachial Plexus Injury Service

The Children’s Hand Surgery Unit Leeds

I plan to kayak from the Solway Firth around the coast of Scotland taking in as many islands as I can and the Outer Hebrides finishing in Eyemouth 3 months later. This is a major undertaking which I will not be able to achieve without your support. If you can find anyway no mater how small in supporting my trip I would be forever grateful.

Ways you can support the trip.

You could make donate money

You could donate equipment

You could donate food

You could donate time

The reason that I am doing this trip is to say thank you to all the great people that have helped our son who was born with an Erbs Palsy injury to his left arm.

All the money raised from this trip will be divided equally between the three charities.


Erbs Palsy is a condition caused by an injury to the nerves from your neck (Brachial Plexus) to your arms. When these nerves are injured they can cause paralysis to the effected limb. When my son Cameron was born he was born with this condition which meant his left arm was paralysed. We were devastated and did not know what to do. We were put in touch with the Erbs Palsy Group this is a family support group helping families affected by this condition. The group were fantastic giving us so much advice and information on our son’s injury. They also put us in touch with Professor Simon Kay a plastic surgeon who specialises in this area of surgery. Professor Kay has preformed several operations on our son’s arm which has included nerve transfers from Cameron’s legs to his neck and muscle release of his shoulder. These operations have increased Cameron’s function of his arm.

To say thank you to all the great people that have helped us through this very difficult time I wanted to do something for them. This is why I am doing this trip on their behalf.


  1. Good luck with your fundraising paddle. If you're visiting Orkney I may be able to help with accomm/food/transport. I may not still be in Orkney in 2012 but if I'm here I'll help if I can.(I'm currently job hunting for a f/t permanent teaching job - I was actually doing my teacher training in Ayr when I took these photos of you 2 years ago. ) If I'm not still in Orkney, I may be able to help wherever I live then as it will hopefully be somewhere coastal in Scotland!

  2. Hi Fiona

    Thank you so much. all help is greatly appreciated. I reamember the pictures you took 2 years ago. that was a beautiful evening paddlind off Ayr harbour.

  3. Erb's palsy is caused by malpractice, It's really sad about your son.

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