Tuesday, 26 October 2010

Rhu to Loch Long

Last Monday I had a few hours to spare so what can you do?

I rushed down to Rhu. It was a beautiful afternoon

Not a cloud in the sky.

Just a slight breeze coming down Loch Long

Time for a bite to eat

Some locals coming over to say hello.

Heading back to Rhu the tide had started to turn.

Sun setting behind me.

Sun setting as I paddle back into Gare loch

Sitting on the shore enjoying the sunset.

Moments like this is why I love kayaking

Perfect end to a perfect day.


  1. looks like the best kind of Monday to me Alan!

  2. Strewth Alan, what have you done to the hills round Loch Goil!


  3. Now I got inspired. But it gets dark so early these days... Have to hope for nice weather in the weekend. - But it's nice to see other's photos while waiting!

  4. Perfect monday ian. i only had a few hours to spare so jumped at the chance of a wee paddle.

    Douglas the light was so strong that i set my camera to under expose and was very plesantly surprised at the result. No where near your quality of pictures. I have alot to learn from you mate.

    Miamaria I love this time of year as you get rewarded with the most fantastic sunsets. Paddling at night is very interesting.

  5. Hi Alan, I was only teasing, I think you have made a typo, calling Gare Loch "Loch Goil"! Great photos!


  6. you right douglas silly me. it is Gare Loch.