Tuesday, 4 May 2010

close encounters of the feathered kind

last time out on loch lomond we met two of the locals who really gave us a close inspection! A little too close for my liking. these are very beautiful birds but i was very awear that these are wild animals and its there rules you go by! I had seen them coming over and had told my son blair to not make any sudden movements and stay calm!

Very noble birds

These guys were looking for food. at this point i felt i was about to be mugged for my sandwichie's but after a few minutes my feathered friend decided he could not get into my hatch so he gave up.

Blair with Ben Lomond in the background.


  1. excellent pictures Alan and so so serene - perfect for paddling!

  2. yes that was a beautiful days paddle. we really enjoyed the calm water and spent the day drifting along chatting and enjoying the fantastic views of loch lomond. perfect.