Tuesday, 11 May 2010

Ailsa Craig

On sunday myself tony and phil took a trip out to Ailsa Craig this is an amazing island sitting 14 miles of the coast of Girvan.

Phil enjoying to calm waters. we were blessed with a mirror sea the whole day. perfect.

This is the cliffs on the west side of the island. we all enjoyed the arial display of the different birds nesting on the island. this was the first time i had ever seen a puffin and they are beautiful. Its looking like the puffin numbers are on the rise thanks to the eradication of the rats on the island.

Tony and I took a walk up to the Castle and enjoyed the views across the clyde. its not until you see it from here that you can take in the size of the clyde.

We had company when we were having lunch.

This was the conditions on the way back.


  1. looks like a great trip was had!

  2. hi richard yes we had a great day. i have never seen the clyde so calm.