Friday, 8 August 2014

Noss Head

Made great time and landed in a beautiful cove just round the head. Only to find the stress fracture just behind the seat of the kayak had got worse!!! 

I had repaired this three times and it was getting worse. Both rear hatches were full of water everytime I got off the water. 

 I didn't fancy facing the pentland firth in that vulnerable state. My fear is the fracture giving way in a heavy sea at the wrong time. So I have decided to call it a day and come back next year and finish the trip. Thanks for all your support and many thanks to the amazing people I have met along the way. Thanks x

This is the cove I landed in just round from the Noss Head lighthouse. Beautiful. I could see John O Groats from here and spent a long time debating with myself whether to call it a day or carry on and risk the kayak failing at the wrong time. After some time and alot of swearing I decided to call it a day and phoned my long suffering brother to ask if he could come pick me up. I will not repeat what he said but you can guess just what he said!!!! He cancelled a long planned fishing trip to Mull to come pick me up. Thanks Davie for always being there when I need you mate.

my last night camped at Noss Head.

Always love pictures of sunsets. I was sitting on the beach with a wee dram and with a sad heart watched the sunset on the trip. Planning the next year with an added vigor. I will finish this lol. someday.

Slangevar (cheers "good health") to you all for your support. 

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