Wednesday, 6 August 2014


Arrived in Dunbeath after a fantastic days paddle through some of the most amazing coastline I have ever seen. This is an amazing place to visit. I will be back. The geology along this coast is beautiful with the most incredible optical illusion of paddling downhill on the sea!!!! The rock strata is layered at and angle the gives the impression of paddling downhill when going from north to south. The sea arch of An Dunn is beautiful I paddled through this 3 times

An Dunn 

After I had repaired the kayak again for the second time I found the nearest pub The Bay Owl. This is a wee pub restaurant at the top of the hill on the way out of Dunbeath. The food is excellent and I highly recommend the bay burger with cheese and bacon lol. I was made to feel very welcome straight away by Trevor and Irene the owners of the pub and not to forget Ron who was on holiday.

Second day Dunbeath.
Took a day off today at Dunbeath. Woke up to heavy rain fog and a strong swell so decided to sit it out today. went over my charts and checked the weather forecast for tomorrow. forecast is better and I should get back on the water.

Went back up to the Pub to watch the debate between Alex Salmond and Alistair Darling oh and to have another bay burger lol. After one or two pints I went back to my tent and sat outside watching the moon come out over the bay with a wee whisky. Met Richard out walking his dogs, two beautiful collies Katie and Robbie and we chatted for awhile about how beautiful Dunbeath bay is. We went to his campervan then shared a beer and a whisky and chatted about what brought us to Dunbeath. A very interesting man that was heading home to Orkney with a scooter for his daughter. Made me think about my trip and realised that it is not the journey that makes the trip, its the amazing people you meet along the way that makes it.

 Dunbeath Castle just south of the village of Dunbeath.

 Camped at the harbour. Repaired the stress fracture on the underside of the kayak again .Gelcoated the outside and fiberglassed the inside to try and strengthen the fracture.

 Dunbeath harbour after a long day paddling in and out of all the caves and Geo's. Landed at the slip and pulled the kayak up on the trolly with a flat tyre!!!!! heavy going as the slip is steep. got there in the end after some heavy pulling. set up camp on a bit of grass at the end of the harbour. both rear hatches were full of water due to the stress fracture. Pulled out everything and laid it out to dry in the sun.

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