Friday, 11 May 2012


Made it to Portsoy on the Moray coast and now heading east. This has been one hell of a journey. Waiting on the weather to pick up.

Big thank you to everyone in Portsoy that I met. You all made me so welcome. And a massive thank you to all the staff and customers of The Shore Inn. Cheers for looking after me. You have a fantastic pub to be very proud of.


  1. I no longer live in Gamrie, just along the coast from Portsoy, so can't offer accommodation there any more. I'm a bit further inland at Inverurie now - let me know if I can help, e.g. delivering more supplies to you or anything. Good luck with the circumnavigation!

  2. Hi Alan, super effort so far! Unfortunately I'm working away from home just now or I'd have come up to offer some company/supplies. Just take your time and pick the right conditions for Troup Head and down from ther - it can get pretty exposed.

    Keep it up!

    Kind Regards