Sunday, 5 February 2012

Cetus MV

P&H Kayaks delivered this beautiful Cetus MV. I took Friday off and went for a wee paddle to get the feel of her. Wow what a boat first impression is she is very fast and smooth through the water. The wind was blowing a fair bit and the swell had picked up so sorry no pictures on the water. She handled beautifully. I instantly felt comfortably in her.


  1. Good Luck Alan! :o)

    What a lovely kayak!

    If you have your trolley mounted on deck during the expedition, it will limit your ability to scramble on deck in a cowboy re-entry after a capsize. This means you will need to do a re-entry and roll to recover from a capsize if you fail a roll.

  2. hi Douglas. Yes this is a beautiful boat. I have successfully carried out a cowboy re-entry with the trolly mounted on the deck. that was a worry when loading the kayak. I did try packing the trolly in the rear hold but this was unsuccessful. many thanks for your generous donation to my fundraising page. Thank you.