Monday, 22 August 2011

My Father

I have not been keeping this blogg up to date for a while due to my father passing away after a short illness.

This hit our family very hard and has taken me some time to get back on track with life. We will miss him dearly.


  1. Alan I was very sorry to hear about your father's death. My own father died last year and although I still miss him, I have now come to terms with it. My father introduced me to the sea so I think of him fondly every time I get in my sea kayak.

  2. Sorry to hear about your father, Alan. Hopefully you'll manage to get your life back on track and can remember him with happy thoughts and memories, instead of sad ones, as time passes.

  3. Hi Alan, sorry to hear about your father. Cherish the happy memories you had together. It gets easier as time passes.

    David A.

  4. It's 5 years since my father died. Things get easier as time passes, but even now there are moments when I miss him hugely- our big shared interest was gardening, and it's always when I'm working there that it hits me. Time heals.