Tuesday, 29 December 2009

a trip around the cumbraes

on sunday we went for a wee paddle around great cumbrae and little cumbrae. the start was very cold with an icy start.

we circumnavigated the islands anticlock wise. down the west side and took advantage of the tide and wind. we enjoyed a following sea. the weather stayed cold and overcast but every now and again there would be a break in the clouds

by the time we were heading north again towards millport the sun had broken through.

looking north west we were rewarded with fantastic views of the snow capped mountains.

then we looked south west the view of the snow capped arran mountains took my breath away. wow!!!!

what a beautiful view

i sat in the middle of the tan and took in the beautiful view of arran. it took all my will power to leave and paddle on towards millport.

looking south we could see where we had paddled from. you can just make out the castle on the left.

tony in millport bay

heading out of millport bay enjoying the warmth of the sun as we head back to largs.

a fantastic sunset to finish off a fantastic day.

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  1. An excellent paddle in good company. It was good to see some sunshine towards the end of the day.