Sunday, 1 November 2009

Little Cumbrae

On the way i had a visit from one of the many seals. This chap was very inquisative coming very close and not showing any fear at all.  As you can see i have a new toy fitted to the deck its a waterproof video cam!!!! i have just started to use this so look out for some clips soon. i will have to turn off the mic as it picks up every sound even the bad jokes we tell as we paddle lol

A few months back i spent a weekend stuck on Little Cumbrae and this is Long Bay where I camped. It has a nice pebble beach to land on.

Looking north west from Long bay. Millport to the right.

Rounding the north of the island I was looking back towards the castle.

Time for lunch.

This is a very beautiful castle standing strong with a watchfull eye on the Clyde.


  1. Sorry I couldn't make it Alan. It looked like a good one. Excellent set of pictures.

  2. hi phil

    yes it was a great day. a good swell had picked up so it was very interesting to say the least.

  3. so did you see any dolphins on your travel's lol xx xx

  4. hi anon

    have not seen any dolphins for a wee while now. but did see them last year between little cumbrae and bute. they were jumping clean out the water about 100 yards from me. i was amazed as i was not aware we had dolphins here in the clyde.