Friday, 30 October 2009

Ayr India to Dunure and back

First i have to apologise for the lack of pictures as my camera died last time out. Yesterday Phil, David and I took a wee trip from ayr to Dunure and back. I had a look at the forcast on wednesday night and it did not look good! The wind was to be a grade 5/6! I didn't like the thought of that.  But thursday morning broke with a perfect start and we decided that we should go for a little paddle. We met at Ayr India at seafield Ayr beach at one o'clock and the sea was almost flat calm.

The trip started in the rain but was just a great feeling to be out on the water with friends again. We traveled at a steady pace enjoying the perfect peace (apart from the rain). We arrived at Dunure and gave the bar maid a bit of a start when we walked into the bar dressed in our dry suits. Now it is customly to partake in a little refreshment while in Dunure and not wanting to offend. After a light refeshment we made our we back to Ayr whith a stop at Bracken bay for a bite to eat. The sun was now set and we finished our sandwichies and coffee in the dark, enjoying the beautiful night. With head torchies adorned we made our way back to Ayr. Very surreal paddling in the dark watching the lights on the shore. A perfect trip.


  1. it was a beautiful trip if not a little wet :)

  2. How's the Food at Bracken Bay these days ? ... I worked there a 2nd Chef a good long while back...


  3. hi ali

    the food is great thanks. only thing is it comes in a tupperware box and i make it myself. lol sorry.